About - Astara Lak'ech


My passion is to inspire people to come back to earth and bring natural raw photos of nature untouched by photoshop to your home or work space.  I believe nature is beautiful as she is. She doesn't need to be altered. I'm hoping my photos bring a depth and longing for the viewer to take the time to spend in nature and observe the small things most don't see and to just be without distraction. 

I look for expression in landscapes which reflects what I'm feeling and experiencing at the time as you will see by the titles of my photographs and hope some of what I feel conveys through the lens. 

I am a huge huge HUGE lover of the natural world and spend my spare time lost in forests and beaches mostly in the south west of Western Australia where I live but also on my travels around Australia. 

Hope my relationship with the earth inspires yours. 

Strength in Knowing
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